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Archives for DLT

Taxation of DLT Assets

The Maltese Tax Authorities issued guidelines in connection with the income tax, VAT and duty on documents implications arising from transactions or arrangements involving DLT assets.   The following is a list of definitions included in the guidelines: wdt_ID Category...
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VFA and ITAS Acts come into force

Through Legal Notices 306 and 307 of 2018 the Minister for the Digital Economy has established the 1 November 2018 as the date on which the provisions of the Innovative Technology Arrangements and Services (ITAS)  Act and of the Virtual...
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MDIA Officially Set-Up

Following the approval by Maltese Parliament of the cryptocurrency related bills on the 4th July 2018, through Legal Notice 250 of 2018 the Minister for the Digital Economy has established the 15th July 2018 as the date on which the...
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Approval of DLT Bills

On 4 July 2018, the Maltese Parliament has unanimously approved a trio of cryptocurrency related bills as follows: The Malta Digital Innovation Authority Act which shall provide for the establishment of an authority to be known as the Malta Digital...
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Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) Bills

The Maltese Government published the three bills which will be implementing a framework for DLT. These legislative initiatives will make Malta one of the first countries in the world regulating this technology thereby providing a level of certainty to the...
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