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Company Registrations

A one-stop-shop service

At Avanzia Taxand, we provide a one-stop-shop incorporation service. You will only liaise with the responsible person within our team, and we will handle all the rest.

Our professional staff will discuss your requirements and assist you with the following:

  • Introductions to licensed banks to establish banking relationships;
  • Review and assistance with all due diligence documentation and other KYC requirements as required by authorities, banks and subject persons;
  • Name reservation with the Malta Business Registry;
  • Drafting of the company’s Memorandum and Articles of Association and all other incorporation documents;
  • Application with the Office of the Commissioner for Revenue for an exemption from duty on documents;
  • Registration of the company with the Malta Business Registry, with the Office of the Commissioner for Revenue for both Income Tax and VAT, where applicable;
  • Appointment of tax representatives;
  • Shareholder registration to enable them claim tax refunds;
  • Filing of the necessary form and details with the Malta Business Registry relating to the central Register of Beneficial Owners as required by the EU Directive;
  • Opening of bank account in the name of the company and other banking services such as internet banking, credit cards etc.

Our expertise in the corporate field includes company redomiciliations – both inward and outward re-domiciliation – and registration of foreign incorporated entities with a place of business in Malta, as well as foreign companies managed and controlled from Malta.

Our Company Incorporation Booklet explains all aspects of the incorporation process, including the documentation and information required as well as the relevant costs and fees.

Enquire about our Company Registration Services

If you would like to learn more how Avanzia Taxand may assist with all the formalities to set-up a company, have it registered and ready to start your business please contact Marvic Cutajar or Walter Cutajar.