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We’re with you till the very end.

Our team of qualified accountants provide bookkeeping and accounting services tailor-made to your business requirements.

Throughout the years we’ve helped many clients set up companies and structures and dismantle them. We have the necessary expertise to draft all the necessary resolutions, complete the statutory forms and deal with publication requirements.

We recommend and liaise with liquidators and auditors for the liquidation (who must be different from the auditors of the company during its lifetime). We assist in the preparation of the winding up accounts and the scheme of distribution and guide you through the liquidation process to ensure that the liquidation process is efficient but at the same time ensure that all the necessary filings are adhered to.

At Avanzia Taxand we work closely with the company’s bankers to close bank accounts and other services. We guide the preparation and submission of the last income tax return as well as the request for the tax clearance certificate from the tax authorities. We will ensure that the company is deregistered with the VAT Department, the Office of the Commissioner for Revenue and eventually struck off from the register.

Liquidation Services

If you would like to learn more how Avanzia Taxand may help you with the formalities involved in the liquidation process and ensure a smooth conclusion of your affairs, please contact Mary Anne Inguanez or Maria Victoria Cutajar.