Tax authorities are becoming increasingly rigorous not only on compliance but they are taking a more investigate approach on aggressive tax planning, use of structures in other jurisdictions, transfer pricing, bench-marking and also on unexplained wealth. As tax legislation and regulations are becoming increasingly complex, there is also a drive for tax transparency, tax audits and investigations and unexplained wealth orders.


As a firm specialising in tax related matters, we offer our professional expertise and assistance to individual and corporate taxpayers facing tax disputes, tax audits or investigations.  Our tax professionals may assist in routine inspections which may be resolved without much difficulty as well as in-depth tax investigations requiring high expertise and knowledge to resolving such issues.  Our tax professionals may assist not only with the handling of such tax matters but may also represent individual and corporate taxpayers in resolving these tax audits and investigations with the Commissioner for Revenue.  Our goal is not only to minimise tax risks and exposures for the taxpayer whilst ensuring that our client maintains appropriate relations with tax authorities.


In this regard, we offer an extensive support service covering:

  • Review of tax positions, tax returns and tax payments;
  • Assessing tax risk profiles and exposure;
  • Handling compliance checks;
  • Handling tax interventions and enquiries;
  • Detailed capital accretion exercises aimed especially at individuals facing unexplained wealth orders;
  • Negotiation and resolution of disputes with tax authorities, and
  • Advising on interest and penalties.

How can we help you?

Avanzia Taxand is a corporate service provider licensed by the Malta Financial Services Authority and may also act as tax representative with the Inland Revenue Department.  Tax advice and tax compliance remain our core focus and we ensure that clients are always in compliance with the myriad filing obligations and notifications.