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Why Avanzia Taxand

Avanzia Taxand has the expertise and competence to make taxation work for its clients. With a dedicated, and highly-trained staff, Avanzia Taxand is best positioned to offer customised solutions for businesses and individuals. Avanzia Taxand is the exclusive Taxand location in Malta, bringing the experience and flexibility of a global tax network.

Why Taxand

Taxand is the world’s largest independent tax organisation offering practical, expert-led advice to clients from across all sectors. Taxand  is focused solely on tax, helping organisations in 50 countries perform at better cost-efficiency and manage taxation more advantageously. Taxand has more than 400 tax partners with over 2,000 tax advisors.

Why Malta

Malta’s robust economic growth is owed primarily to its strong financial services ecosystem. Malta has established itself as one of the leading financial centers in areas such as Captive Insurance, Funds, Gaming, Aircraft and Yacht Registration and various other sectors.  Malta also takes a proactive approach and in the process of enacting legislation related to Digital Ledger Technology, Blockchain and Initial Coin Offerings.   Malta’s legislation is modeled on EU laws and businesses set up in Malta enjoy passporting rights and excess to a wider market.